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The country is far from devoid of 120kw Temperature Control Equipment suppliers


The country is far from devoid of 120kw Temperature Control Equipment suppliers artistic heritage, and the National Gallery of Iceland boasts a fabulous collection of 19th and 20th century Icelandic art, as well as some international contributions. Proudly home to the most valuable collection of art in the country, the museum displays work by some of its most famous artists.

After a day’s sightseeing, you may want to treat yourself to a traditional gastronomic feast, and the Icelandic Bar is the perfect place to do it. Situated right next to Hotel Borg, you can sample Puffin and Minke Whale here, although it has be said that you can also remain a little more mainstream with some equally delicious fish stew or one of the delectable lamb dishes.

It's clear to see that even beyond the incredible Northern Lights, Iceland has much to offer. A stay in Reykjavik is just one way of extending your trip and seeing more of this exciting and varied country.

When on Northern Lights holidays, make sure you take some time out to enjoy the local food. Reykjavik has some wonderful tastes to discover.

Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik, is a haven for food lovers. If you're planning to embark on one of the fantastic Northern Lights holidays that include a couple of days in the city, you'll be blown away by the gastronomic delights on offer.

In an interesting twist, when (in 2009) the country was at the mercy of bankruptcy and the economy suffered greatly, it meant that imports of expensive food were no longer possible, so the people of Iceland had to look closer to home for their ingredients. This was no bad thing, however, and the creative culinary offerings you'll encounter today include diverse ingredients like Arctic char, blue mussels, lamb, and herbs such as sorrel.

While experts are saying that it's a great time to be a farmer or a chef in Iceland, to be a diner is the ultimate experience!